Benoit molenda

My purpose is to bring ideas to life!

I do so with simple solutions powered by elegant UX design and code poetry.
It just happens I create modern web and mobile apps for people.

I have the mad skills to build quickly

From design to production, I cover all aspect of creation flow.
I favour tools and technology focused on productivity.
And for critical needs, I’ve an army of collaborators on my back.

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    UI / UX

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    Mobile apps

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    Web apps


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    HTML5 / CSS3

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Some projects I worked on


Medium sushio is a French startup who fight against paperwork.

They want to turn the borden of financial document into something usefull.

I helped them grow since their initial prototype though successful rounds of funding.


Medium ravatys

Le Chateau des Ravatys is a client of Willart Edition.
This agency provides wording, printing and design services.
I provided the programming skills they were missing.

My name is Benoit Molenda


I was born in 1987 in France with Polish/Ukrainian roots.
I graduated in 2010 of computer science engineer at EPITA.
And by passion, I'm a self educated designer.


You can find me in Europe, moving between Paris and Budapest.
I also enjoy to work at coworking places and cafes.
And if you join often Meetups, we may meet there.


My network of designers, developers, agencies, photographers... have my back.
For even your most specific needs, what I can't handle, my network can.
Let's get started!