I'm an independent consultant.
I master software creation from A to Z.

It just happen I build web and mobile applications for people and challenging business.


Create a sustainable new product is a challenging goal. I organise this process with my clients, providing advices, methodologies and tools to canalise the experimentation flow.


Interface design is both a science and an art. I apply my creativity sens over my client strategy, user feedbacks and metrics to provide clean and efficient UI that meet business expectations.


Today development keys are speed and efficiency. I focus on cut edge technologies, code quality and automatic tests to deploy in no time trusted solutions.


I easily adapt to your needs and team up with existing staff. I love lean and agile approach, team conception, wireframing and state of the art technology.



I worked mainly with small businesses and startups, providing them feedbacks and advices all the way long of our collaborations, turning their ideas into digital products.



I value above all creativity, productivity and transparency. My background is made of academic engineer culture and self-educated design skills.